About Us

We’re an incredibly talented studio of animators from Sonora, Mexico. Dedicated to bring to life new and exciting ideas. We're currently searching for clients and opportunities from around the globe to expand our limits to new markets and to grow as content developers.

Our clients

  • THE CONNECTED SET I was immediately impressed by his professional manner and deep understanding of not only the creative aspects of animation; but also the importance of deadlines while keeping in constant contact with us.
    -Tom Jenkins

  • OCTOPIE STUDIOS 4TAKEN proved to be a reliable resource and a frequent go-to guys on animation projects. Oftentimes, we’d require very quick turnarounds and they would always deliver.
    -Micah Brooke

  • NERDIST It's fantastic! I'm humbled by their terrific work and I sincerely hope we have more opportunities to bring a buncha' happy!
    -Rob Paulsen

The team

  • Jary

    Art & Design

    I’m a graphic designer and self-taught animator. I have 3 years of experience in the artistic medium and got several design and illustration projects in my portfolio. I do in-betweens, character design and background art.

  • Serge

    Creative Director

    I’m a self-taught animator and Cofounder of 4Taken Entertainment. I’ve worked as a content developer and multimedia producer for the past 5 years with more than 25 successful animation projects on my portfolio and worldwide clients.

  • Mario


    I’m a self-taught artist and illustrator with more than 6 years of experience in the medium. I co-started a collective of local artists named Tierra Caliente where I’ve written and drawn comic books. I usually do line-art and colour.

  • Brandon


    With a degree in graphic design and animation, I’ve been working the past 3 years in motion graphics for corporative and bussines training videos and various multimedia projects. I’m specialized in traditional animation.